Customize the Dodge Durango to Suit You

February 28th, 2019 by

The Dodge Durango remains popular with SUV owners who do not need or desire a larger vehicle. As Dodge understands that different people have different tastes, the Durango is available in a variety of feature packages that enable new owners to express their individuality. See the latest models in our Indiana, PA, showroom.

The Blacktop Package is one option and includes 20-inch glossy black wheels, badges, and mirrors. The grille and vents are also black to create a dramatic appearance. Match the package with your favorite body color to complete the look. The Brass Monkey package features brushed brass wheels.

For a more luxurious regal look, choose the Anodized Platinum Appearance Package. The badges, lower side sills, exterior mirrors, door handles, bumper and grille all feature polished chrome. There are also platinum chrome plated accents on the interior. The Dodge Durango offers ease of handling while performing well. Take one for a road test at your local Tri-Star Indiana.

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